Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!

Storytime: The Yummy Lunchbox

September 10, 2022 Story by Fernando Moguel. Voices: Robin Reed. Music and Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 2 Episode 68
Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!
Storytime: The Yummy Lunchbox
Show Notes Transcript

Lisa is preparing her lunchbox to go to school but she insists it can’t be leftovers! 🍝 She would rather bin yesterday’s pasta than bring it to school. Can we convince Lisa that wasting food is not a good idea and help her pack a delicious lunchbox? Listen to find out.
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Main Script

Cowy: Why are you looking through the fridge, Lisa?
 Elliot: You’re making a big mess!

Lisa: I’m trying to prepare my lunchbox! Today, we’re having a special lunch day at school!
 Cowy: Why is it special, Lisa?
 Lisa: Well, we get to invite friends and family to lunch today! You’re all invited!
 Lingokids Characters: Fun!

Lisa: Yes, it’s fun, but I really don’t know what to bring for lunch! I want to bring something extra yummy!

Presenter: Maybe we can help you, Lisa! Welcome to Storytime by Lingokids - where we discover fascinating facts about the world around us and the fun of Playlearning. Today, let’s help Lisa prepare her yummy lunchbox for her special school lunch!

Now, Let’s have a look at what’s in the refrigerator. Oh look! There’s leftover pasta from yesterday! You could take that for lunch!
 Cowy: Ewww!

Lisa: Bin it! I don’t want leftovers! 

Presenter: What’s wrong with leftovers, Lisa?

Lisa: Because it’s gross! It could be gooey and moldy and rotten!

Presenter:  It’s only a day old! The pasta should still be perfectly fine and yummy, especially since it was in the fridge!

Lisa: But…but…I want something special for lunch! Not something I already ate!

Billy: Chirp, chirp!

 Presenter: I agree Billy! If you take the pasta for lunch, you can keep it from being thrown away and wasted. 

Lisa: Oh don’t worry - I can always get more food!

Presenter:  That’s not the point. When we throw away food, we don’t just waste the food—we also waste everything else that went into making the food, like time, energy, and hard work!

Elliot: Hmm.. but it only takes a few minutes to heat up the pasta in the microwave! How is that hard work? 

Presenter: Alright - let me show you something. [opening the container with Pasta]. What’s in this container? 

Elliot: pasta with tomato sauce. 

 Presenter: Good! What else? 

 Elliot: hmm… that’s all. 

 Presenter: Are you sure? 

 Billy: chirp chirp

 Presenter: thank you Billy. Billy says there are many different ingredients in this pasta, like the tomatoes, salt, sugar, and even the pasta strands!

 Lingokids Characters: ooooh!

 Lisa: That’s a lot, but I still don’t see why it’s a problem. It is easy to make tomatoes. Don’t they grow on trees?

 Presenter: Yes Lisa, tomatoes and other fruits and veggies come from plants. But it takes a lot of hard work to take care of those plants.

 Cowy: My grandma grows tomatoes in her garden!

Presenter: And does she take care of her garden?
Cowy: Yes! She is always out there digging and digging.  

 Presenter: Oh, why do you think she is digging? 

 Cowy:  Hmmm well after she digs holes, she puts seeds in them.  Then she waits for them to grow big and strong like the other plants.  

 Presenter:  I’m sure she does! That’s because fruits and veggies need good soil to grow and they need to be watered very often!

 Cowy: Then when the tomatoes are big and red, I help her pick them from the garden.  When they are big and red she says they are ready to eat. 

 Lisa: I didn’t know it was so much work! I always see the tomatoes at the supermarket, and I never think about where they come from.

 Presenter: That’s right! Just imagine all of the work it takes to plant, water, and pick tomatoes for ALL of the supermarkets and stores around the world!

 Elliot: Woah! That must be a lot!

Lisa: What about the strands of pasta? They don’t need to be watered, do they?

 Cowy: I don’t want to water my pasta. It would get soggy! 

 Presenter: Well, the strands of pasta don’t need to be watered. But pasta is usually made of dough, and dough is made of wheat, which is a special kind of grass. 

 Cowy: haha pasta comes from grass?

 Presenter: Yeah, you could say so! The dough is made from the grain, or seeds, of the wheat grass, which needs to be watered and taken care of too!

 Lisa: And the sauce?
 Presenter: Well, the pasta sauce is made from milk, which comes from cows!
 Cowy: Like me!
 Presenter: Yes Cowy, and as you know, Cows need to eat and drink plenty of water, and be taken care of too!

 Cowy: That’s true. 
 Presenter: So now you know everything that goes into making food!  

 Lisa: It’s a lot!

 Presenter:  When you throw away good food, you waste everything else that went into making it! Plus, you make more trash, which is not good for the environment!

 Lisa: I guess I can take the pasta after all!

 Presenter: If you want, you can add a few other things to your lunchbox to make your lunch balanced and extra yummy! 

 Billy: Chirp, chirp!

 Presenter: Great idea, Billy! Let’s help Lisa choose a few more things to put in her yummy lunchbox! What do you recommend?

 Cowy: Some crunchy carrots!

 Presenter: That’s a great idea!

 Elliot: How about a granola bar!

Presenter: That’s a good one too!

Lisa: How about 50 candy bars?
Presenter:  Nice try Lisa! Maybe not 50 candy bars, but you can take one candy bar for dessert!

Lisa: Ok!

 Presenter: Lingokids Listeners, we’d love to hear what you would put in your lunchbox to make it extra yummy! You can send us a list of some of the things you would put in your yummy lunch box! Just ask a grown-up how to send it to us!

Cowy: Yay! So many yummy lunches!

Lisa: I think my lunch is ready! Thanks for helping me, everyone!

Presenter: Of course, Lisa, we’re happy to help! Now, we just have to pack our own yummy lunches so we can join you for your special school lunch!
Lingokids Characters: Let’s go!


Presenter: Lingokids Listeners, thank you all for helping Lisa pack her yummy lunchbox! We had a great time today packing our lunches and learning about where food comes from and about the importance of not wasting food. See you in our next episode!