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Lisa the Rebel

May 06, 2023 Story by Fernando Moguel. Voices: Robin Reed. Music and Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 2 Episode 101
Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!
Lisa the Rebel
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Can math be used in sports? In this episode of the Lingokids 'Stories for Kids' podcast, Lisa discovers that to be great at her game, she needs more than practice. Tune in to find out how Lisa's math skills are helpful when she plans a winning soccer strategy.
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Speaker: Lingokids.

Speaker: 11 apples minus 8 apples. 11 apples minus 8 apples. How am I supposed to count this? Why does it have to be so difficult?

Speaker: What is so difficult Lisa?

Speaker: It's my math homework. It's difficult and boring and useless.

Speaker: Lisa thinks math is useless. Let's see if we can change her mind and see how useful math is and help Lisa with her homework. Welcome to stories for kids by Lingokids, where we discover fascinating facts about the world around us and the fun of play learning. We'll be doing our homework today, but you can join us and maybe we'll discover some interesting ways in which studying can help us.

Speaker: What's the point of it? I don't even eat apples.

Speaker: I do.

Speaker: Let's look at a problem together Lisa. You don’t need to eat the apples, you just need to count them, right? Let's say you have 11 apples and Cowie eats 8 of them.

Speaker: Yummy.

Speaker: How many would be left?

Speaker: Oh, I've remembered something very important.

Speaker: I hope you remembered subtraction because that's what you need if you want to count how many apples are left.

Speaker: Not exactly. I remembered I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be back.

Speaker: Okay.

Speaker: Is someone knocking on the door?

Speaker: No. I don't think so. It sounds like someone kicking a ball.

Speaker: Who could it be?

Speaker: You're right Billy, it's Lisa. She's in the backyard.

Speaker: Looks like Lisa is being a rebel.

Speaker: What kind of [unintelligible 00:02:14] is that?

Speaker: A rebel. It's someone who goes against what they are supposed to do.

Speaker: Am I being a rebel when I eat candy before dinner?

Speaker: Yes, I guess that counts as being a rebel. Let's see why Lisa is outside.

Speaker: I thought you were going to the bathroom, Lisa.

Speaker: Yes. Why are you playing soccer?

Speaker: Well, because I have a game tomorrow and I need to practice and that homework is way too hard. I can't do it.

Speaker: We can help you, Lisa.

Speaker: It's okay. I don't think I need to learn math anyway. Math definitely won't help me with my soccer game. No use to learn it.

Speaker: Lisa, math is very useful. Do you want to learn how it actually can help with a soccer game?

Speaker: Sure.

Speaker: Okay, everyone, let's see together. Is there anything that you have to count in sports?

Speaker: Points. Yes, I guess you do count points.

Speaker: Let's say your team is losing. The other team has four points and your team only has two points. How many points would you have to score to win? Lingokids listeners you can help too.

Speaker: Two.

Speaker: If you add two points to two points you would get four points altogether and that would be a tie. Which means you would both have the same number of points so no one wins.

Speaker: You need to score three points to win.

Speaker: That's right. So Lisa, would you want to play a strong defense or would you attack more instead if you need to score three points?

Speaker: Attack more so you can score more goals.

Speaker: And if you have more points than the other team, what would you do?

Speaker: Well, play a stronger defense so the other team doesn't score more points.

Speaker: Sounds like a great game plan. I think you could be a great coach.

Speaker: I could?

Speaker: Yes.

Speaker: Wow, so I guess learning math can even help me coach. Math is not useless, it's useful.

Speaker: Well now you know. Studying different subjects like math, reading, science, and history, can help you be successful in many different ways.

Speaker: Okay. Let's finish this homework.

Speaker: All right.

Speaker: Lingokids listeners thanks for helping us do our homework today. We've had a great time learning about how math can help with other things, even sports. Lisa even discovered that she likes using math to help her coach. If you are ready for interactive play learning time, explore our Lingokids app. It offers fun and educational songs and games to help kids ages two and older learn and develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. That's the power of play learning. See you in our next episode.

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