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Elliot Tries Sports. Part 1

May 26, 2023 Story by Gavi Weiner. Voices: Robin Reed Music and Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 2 Episode 105
Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!
Elliot Tries Sports. Part 1
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He's lovable. He's large. He's adventurous. He’s Elliot the panda! 🐼

Find out all there is to know about your favorite panda in this four-part mini-series of  'Stories for Kids'.  In Part One, Elliot discovers that sports don’t come naturally to everybody. While Lisa excels at soccer, Elliot finds himself outside his comfort zone. What will he do? Follow along as Elliot learns about perseverance and achieving goals through hard work. Will he overcome his fears and find a place to shine?

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Speaker: Lingokids.

Speaker: Blue teams kick.


Speaker: Oh, those are fluffy clouds.

Speaker: Heads up, Elliot.

Speaker: Ow.

Speaker: Elliot, are you okay?

Speaker: Yes.

Speaker: Welcome to stories for kids by Lingokids, where we discover fascinating facts about the world around us and the fun of play learning. Get ready because today we begin our first-ever four-part story series. This series is about Elliot and sports, and here in part one, our favorite Panda pal is out of his comfort zone on the soccer field. Can Elliot learn to play sports like his friends? Does he even want to? Let's find out.

Speaker: I'm going to really pay attention now. I want to help the team. Here we go.

Speaker: Elliot, are you open?

Speaker: Yes, I'm open. Kick it to me. Yay, here it comes. Oh, no. The ball went right passed me.

Speaker: It's okay Elliot.


It's halftime.

Speaker: Yay, let's go take a break.

Speaker: How's everyone doing out there?

Speaker: Bad. I usually love sports.

Speaker: You usually love sports?

Speaker: Yes, because I like rolling in the grass, and jumping up and down, and also wiggling.

Speaker: Wiggling?

Speaker: Yes, wiggling, and watching clouds. Oh, and being with friends.

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: Billy says that rolling in the grass, wiggling, and watching clouds are not sports.

Speaker: That's the part I love.

Speaker: Well, do you love running?

Speaker: No.

Speaker: Do you love kicking balls?

Speaker: No.

Speaker: Do you love guarding the goal?

Speaker: No.

Speaker: Do you love passing the ball to friends?

Speaker: I love friends, but I guess I don't care too much about passing the ball. I like sports. Wait, do I like sports?

Speaker: You don't know if you like sports?

Speaker: I guess not.

Speaker: Well, I'll help you figure it out. Sports are all about kicking, that's soccer or hitting a ball, that's baseball. See?

Speaker: Yes, I see.

Speaker: Well, hold on, Lisa. Not all sports are about kicking or hitting a ball. Elliot, what things do you like about sports?

Speaker: I like snacks, especially orange slices and juice boxes after a game because they're yummy.

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: That's true, Billy. Snacks are not a sport.

Speaker: Oh, I guess I don't like sports. Maybe I'm not sporty. I don't love to [unintelligible 00:03:20] parts, and I can't help a team.

Speaker: Elliot, I can help you. You just need to run fast and kick hard. Watch. Here's how you run fast. Try it like this.

Speaker: Okay. Run fast like Lisa did. I'll try. Oops. Ow.

Speaker: Are you all right, Elliot?

Speaker: Yes, but I'm no good at running fast. I think my legs are too short.

Speaker: Well, try kicking hard. I'm sure you can kick hard if you try. I'll show you how. It's like this.

Speaker: Good one, Lisa. What a kick.

Speaker: Ready, Elliot? We'll count to three for you.

Speaker: Lingokids listeners, let's all count to three together to help Elliot with his kick.

Speaker: One, two, three.

Speaker: Uh-uh.

Speaker: I'm not good at kicking either. I think my feet are too furry.

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: Billy says nobody's feet are too furry for kicking, and nobody's legs are too short for running.

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: Well, I just can't do it.

Speaker: I don't understand. Sports are so easy.

Speaker: Lisa, sports don't come that naturally to everybody. Even though you find it simple and easy, Elliot might not.

Speaker: Yes. I tried everything you said.

Speaker: I think the game is about to start again.

Speaker: I don't feel like playing anymore. My legs are too short, my feet are too furry, and I like clouds too much.

Speaker: Elliot, it seems like you're outside your comfort zone with this sport.

Speaker: Outside my comfort zone?

Speaker: Yes. That's when something feels difficult and you don't feel very comfortable while you're doing it.

Speaker: Yes, I am outside my comfort zone.

Speaker: Kids at home, have you ever tried something that was outside your comfort zone?


Well, good news. It's okay when something is outside your comfort zone. In fact, everyone has things that are outside their comfort zone, and you can get better at them with practice, or you could just decide it's not your thing and that's okay too.

Speaker: Really?

Speaker: Yes, and do you know what else?

Speaker: What?

Speaker: Sports don't matter unless they matter to you.

Speaker: Wow. Really?

Speaker: Really. The important thing is that you move regularly so your body can stay healthy, but there are other ways to exercise besides sports.

Speaker: Oh.

Speaker: In fact, I don't do any sports myself, but I love my morning walks.

Speaker: That sounds nice, but I want to like sports. I want to try.

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: Billy says, maybe you just need to find your sport.

Speaker: Find my sport?

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: Yes. He says, when you find a sport you like, it doesn't take so much trying. Instead, it just feels fun.

Speaker: Oh.

Speaker: Kids at home, is there a sport that you love?


Speaker: I like to dance. It makes me feel like I'm flying.

Speaker: Neat.

Speaker: My sport is snowshoeing, and I like it because it's quiet.

Speaker: That makes sense, Kelly.

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: Billy prefers reading, but he gets in his steps, I mean, flaps, every day.

Speaker: I just have to find a sport I really enjoy. My sport, I'm excited.

Speaker: Yay. Cool Elliot.

Speaker: All right, everybody. My sport is-- Oh, no. I don't know what my sport is. How will I find out what sport I like? Where should I begin?

Speaker: Kids at home, what do you think will happen? Can Elliot find his sport?

Speaker: Don't worry, Elliot, we'll help you.

[Billy whistles]

Speaker: Come on, let's go. Want to race?

Speaker: No. Let's just walk or twirl.

Speaker: Lingokids listeners, thank you for joining Elliot and the gang as they explored what it means to be good and not so good at sports. We learned that what's easy for one person can still be hard for somebody else, and what's fun for one person is not always fun for someone else. That's because we're all different, and that's a good thing.

See you in our next episode when Elliot finds his sport.

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