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Elliot Tries Sports. Part 2

May 27, 2023 Story by Gavi Weiner. Voices: Robin Reed Music and Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 2 Episode 106
Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!
Elliot Tries Sports. Part 2
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Elliot is determined to find HIS sport. But how does someone know what their sport is? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Cowy, Lisa, and Billy are here to encourage their friend to explore different opportunities until he finds the one he likes. What do you think he will enjoy more: golf, gymnastics, or swimming?👂 Listen to Part 2 of the mini-series by Lingokids, to find out how Elliot chooses his sport!

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Group: Lingokids.

Speaker 1: Welcome to Stories for Kids by Lingokids, where we discover fascinating facts about the world around us and the fun of play learning. In the last episode, Elliot realized he didn't like playing soccer. Today, in Part 2 of Elliot's journey, he's searching for a sport that really fits him.

Elliot: Now I'm ready to find a sport that's just right for me. But where should I start?

Lisa: I know, I know. Make a list.

Group: Yes.

Lisa: It can be a list of sports you might like.

Speaker 1: Great idea, Lisa. Let's all work together to make Elliot a list of sports he might like. After we have a list, you can try out the sports, Elliot. Kids at home, can you think of some sports, too?

Lisa: I know one. How about swimming?

Elliot: I might like swimming. I want to try it.

Lisa: It's going on the list. Swimming.

Speaker 1: Billy suggests golf.

Elliot: I don't know anything about golf, but it's exciting to try something really new like that.

Lisa: Going on the list. Golf.

Speaker 1: Any other ideas for the list?

Lisa: How about gymnastics?

Elliot: I'd like to try that, too.

Lisa: Gymnastics.

Speaker 1: Nice work, everyone. Now, Elliot has a list of sports he might like. Lisa, can you read the list, please?

Lisa: Swimming. Golf. Gymnastics.

Elliot: Maybe I'll really like one of these sports.

Speaker 1: Or you might like them all. Let's go find out.

Group: Yay, swimming.

Elliot: I like the water. It's so wet.

Lisa: I'm going to get you, Billy.

Elliot: Splashing is so fun.

Lisa: Note, Elliot likes splashing. Now let's have a pretend tea party under the water.

Elliot: Nope, nope, nope. Can't do that. I do not like to put my head under water. I'll wait here.

Lisa: Elliot, do you think swimming is your sport?

Elliot: Well, I do really like the water and the splashing. But I don't like putting my head in the water. Cowy, how do I know if swimming is my sport?

Cowy: Well, here's how I know when I love something. I feel it inside.

Elliot: You feel it inside?

Cowy: Yep, and it feels like fun and happy and sparkles.

Elliot: Wow, thanks, Cowy. I think I get it. I'm going to look inside and see if I love swimming. I don't have that sparkle feeling about swimming.

Speaker 1: Elliot, it's wonderful that you tried out swimming. And now you know it's not giving you that special feeling you're looking for.

Lisa: I'm scratching it off the list.

Speaker 1: Yes, Billy, next stop is golf.

Elliot: What are these metal sticks called?

Speaker 1: Billy says they're not sticks, they're golf clubs. And you use the clubs to hit golf balls, which are very small and very hard.

Group: Oh.

Elliot: Okay, here I go. Oh, I hit it. That's pretty fun.

Lisa: I'm making a note. Thinks hitting golf ball is fun. Now what?

Speaker 1: Billy says now you wait, then after a while you walk around to find your ball. Then you do it all again until the ball reaches a hole way over there in the distance.

Elliot: Over there?

Speaker 1: No, further.

Elliot: Over there?

Speaker 1: Further.

Elliot: I think I'm ready to look inside myself. Golf has a lot of waiting. And I want to move around more. Let's try a new sport.

Lisa: Next stop, gymnastics. To the gym, everyone.

Speaker 1: Let's start at the tumbling mat.

Elliot: Tumbling mat?

Speaker 1: Then the trampoline.

Elliot: Trampoline?

Speaker 1: Then the parallel bars and foam pit.

Elliot: Did you say foam pit? That sounds so fun.

Lisa: Look, big kids are doing flips.

Elliot: Wow, I'm going to try rolling on the tumble mat.

Lisa: Isn't rolling just the best? Note, Elliot loves rolling.

Group: Trampoline.

Elliot: Wow, a trampoline. I love jumping.

Lisa: Loves jumping.

Speaker 1: And there are the parallel bars.

Elliot: Those are high. Parallel bars look tricky. Maybe I can try that part another day. What's next?

Lisa: Foam pit.

Group: Foam pit.

Elliot: Here I come, foam pit. Woo hoo.

Lisa: Elliot may be really like gymnastics. Let me look inside.

Elliot: You're right, Cowy. Inside I feel sunny and jumpy. And having so much fun that I forgot everything else.Gymnastics makes me feel happy.

Lisa: Elliot loves gymnastics.

Elliot: Yeah, I love gymnastics.

Lisa: Elliot, you found your sport.

Group: Yay.

Speaker 4: Welcome to gymnastics, Elliot.

Elliot: Thanks. Gymnastics is my sport.

Speaker 4: That's great. I hope you'll be ready for the Community Tumbling Showcase.

Elliot: Community Tumbling Showcase?

Speaker 4: Yes, it's in two weeks.

Elliot: In two weeks?

Speaker 1: Lingo Kids listeners, today Elliot learned how to listen to his own inner voice when he's deciding what's right for himself. Way to go, Elliot. Next episode will be out next week. Elliot will learn all about training. Will it be easy or difficult? Does Elliot have what it takes? If you are ready for interactive play learning time, explore our Lingokids app. It offers fun and educational songs and games to help kids ages two and older learn and develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. That's the power of play learning. See you in our next episode.

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